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Head & Neck Surgery
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     By virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 3114, the 25-bed capacity Rizal Provincial Hospital began serving the public in 1941.  This however was interrupted by the perplexity of times during the World War until its rehabilitation in 1947.  Since then the hospital started its expansion and improvement of facilities and services becoming a teaching and training government hospital.  The Section of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, along with three other sections under the Department of Surgery were among the first to be organized headed by the late Dr. Glicerio M. Bustamante.  The section was staffed by Dr. Rodrigo S. Santos, Dr. Ernesto M. Almeda, and Dr. Jose C. Velez (visiting) as the pioneering consultants with Dr. Romulo L. Lapitan as the first resident physician.

     The Department of E.E.N.T. was established in 1961 in an attempt to expedite a devolution of the medical structure.  Dr. R. Santos became the first chairman and has assumed and faithfully held on the chairmanship with his unwaivering dedication and commitment for more than three decades of service.  During his term, the department has acquired adequate facilities and instruments for the diagnosis and treatment of eye, ear, nose, and throat diseases.  Consultant staff was likewise augmented to facilitate and adept Otorhinolaryngological training by obtaining the services of Dr. Josefino G. Hernandez in 1985, Dr. Edmundo M. Falcon in 1988, and Dr. Wilfredo E. dela Cruz in 1991.


     Further focusing on the management of E.N.T. diseases including head and neck tumors, the ENT clinic was physically separated from the Eye clinic in 1993 which eventually led to its formal distinction from the Department of Ophthalmology in 1995.  Dr. J. Hernandez was then designated as the first chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.  Actively contributing to the training of the residents are additional medical specialists, namely Dr. Jose Jonathan C. Franco, Dr. Raul M. Castillo, Dr. Joselito David, and Dr. Michael Sarte.

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